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Temporary exhibitions


On the first floor, a space is dedicated to temporary exhibitions about contemporary and historic glass…

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The Slovak Contemporary Glass
from May 4, 2016 to December 18, 2016

The museum offers you to discover masterpieces of the art of the Slovak contemporary glass. The exhibition, realized in collaboration with the artist Yan Zoritchak, brings together several generations of Slovak artists.
The exhibition highlights the specificity of these contemporary glassmakers, heirs of traditions from Slovakia but also from the upheavals that marked the art of glass in the immediate post-war period in Eastern Europe.

  • Artists represented : Milos Balgavy, Marek Brincko, Eva Fiserova, Asot Haas, Andrej Jackab, Matej Kren, Oliver Lesso, Palo Macho, Lukas Mjartan, Stepan Pala, Zora Palova, Josef Tomecko, Askold Zacko, Vladimir Zbynovsky, Yan Zoritchak.
    Curator : Manuel Fadat

Exhibition organized by the Culture-Patrimony Center of the Communauté de Communes of the Grand Pic Saint-Loup.

Public Preview on Friday, May 13.

Last exhibitions

CONSTELLATION(S) - Fusions de verre (2015)
This unusual exhibition is placed on the theme of the Universe and the Cosmos. The visitors are invited to embark for a celestial trip with their body and mind. In suspension in the intersidereal unlimitedness, they are invited to pass from a space into another where admire works however as well fascinating as reflexive. This works are illustrating the diversity of the glass creation, which are so many universes, so many visions and know-how.

Demoiselles de Verre (2014)
A women’s collective compound of 15 glass-making artists highlights, through a translucent scenography, the woman’s perspective to the glass material. Around original creations, sometimes monumental, these artists leave their creative mark on the french glass word originally exclusively masculine. Their sensitivity, their approach to the glass material, are reflected in those works through themes of their own : the nature, the poetry, the time...

Processus Xavier Carrère (2013)
A scenography of colors and forms from the 70’s brings out the creative and unique thread of the artist Xavier Carrere. It’s a questioning that he suggests you on the material through an initiatory journey where his senses of earthling, epicurean and pleasure-seeker will be evoked to you. He reveals his life, his eyes, his creative universe.

“Tableaux de Verre, Verres de Lumière !” (2012)
An exhibition about an unknown and fascinating technique : the Gemmail. The art of Gemmail is a revolutionary technique born in 1908. It’s a combination of colored glass fragments in order to create a luminous version of masters’ works of art such as Gauguin, Toffoli, Braque, Cocteau, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Dufy…

“Daum – Eclats de cristal !” (2011)
During 130 years, the prestigious house Daum worked with famous artists and created a unique collection by the modern combination of the art and the crafts : a know-how patiently developed and a permanent search of innovation.
Artists : Arman, Salvador Dali, Georges Braque, Richard Texier, Ben…

Les images jointes

"Kepler" - L.Andrighetto & JC.Miot (Constellation(s) -Fusions de verre 2015) - JPEG - 179.9 ko
"Kepler" - L.Andrighetto & JC.Miot (Constellation(s) -Fusions de verre 2015)
"Fênetre sur l'infini" - Yan Zoritchak (Constellation(s) -Fusions de verre 2015) - JPEG - 178.3 ko
"Fênetre sur l’infini" - Yan Zoritchak (Constellation(s) -Fusions de verre 2015)
Pièce de Catherine Farge ("Demoiselles...", 2014) - JPEG - 24.7 ko
Pièce de Catherine Farge ("Demoiselles...", 2014)

Photo : Tiphaine Reynaud

Série "Dissections" (Xavier Carrère, 2013) - JPEG - 206.1 ko
Série "Dissections" (Xavier Carrère, 2013)

Photo : Christophe Colrat

"L'Amphore" by René Margotton, detail (Gemmail 2012) - JPEG - 130 ko
"L’Amphore" by René Margotton, detail (Gemmail 2012)

Picture : Christophe Colrat

Overview (Daum 2011) - JPEG - 30.4 ko
Overview (Daum 2011)

Picture : Christophe Colrat

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