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Halle du verre

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Land of glass tradition


During the 12th century the glassblowers settled on the Orthus land. In compensation for their service in the crusade, which they came back broke, the noblest of warriors, received the ownership of the glass-making which was confirmed by the Royal Act in the 15th Century.

 Glassworks of Couloubrines - JPEG - 46.6 ko
Glassworks of Couloubrines
Picture : Christophe Colrat

Between 1280 and 1789, 20 glassworks were running on the land of Orthus during different period of times. The glassworks of La Seube, Couloubrines, Baumes and Mas Neuf… among others produce drinking glasses and glass bottles. The attraction of these areas was because of the amount of firewood available for the ovens (each glasswork used 8 to 10 tones everyday during the 6 month revival period.)

The turnaround of the 18th century, the intense exploitation of wood was a source of income for a big part of the population. The royal administration encouraged the glassworks to move further north near the forests.

There was competition from coal : it was a better fuel, and because of the widespread distribution of glass, it was more transparent and shinier. This accelerated the disappearance of activity in the area.

If the significant remains can testify to the history of the glass (Mas de Baumes, Couloubrines in Ferrières-les-Verreries…), several craft men still work there today.

Today, glass craft men who are settled in the area, welcome you with open arms in their workshops.

After your visit to the Halle du Verre, to complete your visit, don’t hesitate to go and meet them to go into their world and be taken by the magic of their different creations. You will discover on the way the amazing variety of the explored techniques : the glass blowing with a rod or a blowtorch, the blow molding, the pressed or spun glass, the thermoforming, the stained-glass window Tiffany making, the glass carving…



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