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Halle du verre

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A museum unique in France


On the ground floor, a permanent exhibition space relates the glass’ history and the evolution of the techniques through the ages…

 Interior view of the Halle du Verre - JPEG - 47.3 ko
Interior view of the Halle du Verre
Picture : Céline Capelier

Realized with the participation of scientists and archeologists, the museum content relates the glass history and its development in the Mediterranean area during the antiquity up to now, about 4 000 years of unique expertise.

The interactive visit also recounts the local epic of the glassblower gentlemen settled in Orthus land from the middle ages to the French Revolution (1789).

Organized the themes around a chronogical path, the exhibition reviews the last knowledge about the glass history comes in all forms and all use as possible. As the visit progresses, through films, models, signs, you discover the modern and ancestral glass techniques : gestures, unique techniques, tools and materials…

Real link between tradition and modernity, art and craft, the Halle du Verre museum praises the virtues of a fascinating material through lighting effects and transparence, by its dimension both ordinary and highly symbolic.



Halle du Verre
50 avenue du Nouveau Monde
34270 Claret
Tél. : 04 67 59 06 39